Is Your Vehicle Dirty?

Think About Engine Descaling

Black smoke, lights on, holes when accelerating…

In more than 75% of cases, the culprit is the clogging of your engine due to scale.

The Engine Descaling, What is it?


Carbon Deposit

It is the combustion, at the heart of your engine, that is responsible for a deposit of soot in the cylinders, pistons, particulate filter, EGR valve and turbo.

Dirty parts prevent the engine from running properly. If the scale (soot) is not removed regularly, breakdowns occur and lead to extremely high repair costs.


Descaling Carbon Deposit

Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning (Preventive)

Chemical Carbon Cleaning
-Intake Mainfold
-Fuel Injector System

Automatic Gear Box Frush


After Engine Descaling

-Regain Engine Performance
-Reduce Fuel Consumption
-Reduce Engine Emission
-Prevent Engine Parts Fail

What is Carbon Cleaning ?

It is the combustion, at the heart of your engine that is responsible for the carbon deposit in the cylinders, pistons, Particulate Filter, EGR valve and turbo.

Clogged up parts prevent the engine from working properly. If the carbon (soot) is not removed regularly, breakdowns will occur, which will result in extremely high repair costs.


Find out everything about engine cleaning

If your EGR valve is badly maintained, its replacement could cost you around $1500, up to $3500 for a turbo and up to $5000 for a DPF!


With carbon cleaning Center,
you save in the long-term!

Our range of machines for engine depollution

Unique expertise to clean and maintain your engine !

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With carbon cleaning center, you save in the long-term!

Have your vehicle carbon cleaned at one of our partner garages

Save your expensive parts!

Replacing parts quickly proves to be expensive. Particulate Filter ($5000), EGR Valve ($1500), Turbo ($3500), etc.

Reduction in harmful emissions

Hy-Carbon deep-cleans engines by injecting hydrogen into the air intake.

Up to 15% reduction in your consumption

Your engine will return to its original factory performance! Ideal for reducing your fuel consumption.