Oxfordshire based garage and Point S partner, Second-2-None Vehicle Repairs Ltd, is the latest garage in the UK to partner with engine cleaning specialists, FlexFuel Energy Development UK. The team at Second-2-None has invested in FlexFuel’s carbon cleaning machine, Hy-Carbon 1000s, which uses hydrogen gas as a natural solvent to break down carbon deposits in combustion engines, which are responsible for multiple issues.

Today’s drivers are typically urban drivers, not driving more than 10-12,000 miles and much of the time due to congestion engines fail to reach optimum operating temperatures and speeds. As a result, fuel is inefficiently burnt. This, coupled with latest developments on modern day engines to address emissions and fuel economy, leads to carbon deposits clogging key components. When this happens, fuel economy decreases, emissions can increase and parts such as EGR, turbo or DPF can prematurely fail costing consumers hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Bob Hopgood, managing director at Second-2-None comments: “FlexFuel’s Hy-Carbon 1000s introduces hydrogen gas into the air intake manifold under pressure and high temperatures. The hydrogen gas acts as a natural solvent on the carbon build up and the deposits are expelled through the exhaust system. By removing the carbon deposits, you can return the engine to the original manufacturers performance; and  improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and avoid replacement of costly parts.

We put a lot of value on customer service and high quality work; as such, we need to be sure we are staying abreast in the latest technological advancements. By investing in FlexFuel’s Hy-Carbon we are offering our customers an environmentally friendly solution that brings their vehicle back to life and saves them money.”

Conveniently located in central Faringdon Oxfordshire, Second-2-None Vehicle Repairs Ltd is a family owned company and been operating in excess of 25 years. The company specialises in vehicle Servicing and Mot’s for any make or model including Motorbikes and it is proud to be a Point S partner making it one of the regions leading suppliers of tyres.

With fully trained mechanics and technicians, Second-2-None offers a complete one stop service including laser 4 wheel alignment, supply and free fitment of exhaust systems, battery supplies along with air-conditioning servicing and repairs. They also offer Manufacturer approved Servicing at fixed prices.

This latest partnership reflects the increasing collaboration between FlexFuel and Point S, the independent tyre and autocare network. FlexFuel is already working with numerous other Point S partners.

FlexFuel has over 350 garage partners in the UK and 3,500 globally. It has a range of carbon cleaning products for heavy goods, light commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. It has recently launched is most powerful machine to date, the Hy-Carbon Connect.

Hy-Carbon Connect is a fully automated, intelligent and digitally connected carbon cleaning machine. It is the only carbon cleaning machine that includes integrated diagnostics.

Through its patented technology, Hy-Carbon Connect analyses the vehicle’s state of health – number of miles driven, fault codes and driver habits.

By using its OBD connection, Hy-Carbon Connect enables automatic control of the engine and its key components allowing engine parts to be automatically ‘set in motion’.

The Hy-Carbon Connect builds on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence. Hy-Carbon Connect learns characteristics of engine makes, fault codes, model, age and number of miles driven from all the Hy-Carbon Connect machines in use around the world. The more data on engine types it collects, the more targeted clean can be applied.